A week to blog about

What a week.  A friend at work got fired.  I’m strong and she’s strong so everything will be fine.  On Tuesdays, O, a neighbor prepares a meal and invites people to enjoy his creation while only asking for wine or something as a side.  This was my second time coming and this time it was only me and S ( my other fabulous neighbor).  We all cooked something and it turned out to be a veggie fest!  None of us was vegetarian however, although O’s girlfriend is but she was absent.  So of course we had a great time and got to know each other and talked about love, dating and relationships or the lack thereof. 

 A couple of days later my friend at work got fired.  Friday night, I fell asleep early and H’s text woke me to tell me that he was at Blake’s.  I decided to head over after 15 minutes of thinking and an hour and 15 minutes getting ready.  It was fun and interesting.  H is such a funny guy and his friends were nice.  H is trying to find a boyfriend for me.  What better a friend to have than someone who does that!  At the end of the night, we had a deeper conversation that I think allowed him to better understand me.  On Saturday, M was visiting the city for work asked me about going out.  We decided to go to Jungle to hear Rob Reum.   I actually wanted to go to Heretic to see Roland Belmares but M wanted to go to see Rob Reum and I am so glad that we did just that!  Rob Reum is a “complete dj”, he is versatile.  He played dance/pop/r&b remixes and then changed it up with pure house and a mix of sounds.  I felt like I was listening to a very mature dj. 

The Pièce de résistance of the weekend was when I noticed a guy in the crowd.  He so stood out with his infallible style.  I’ve never seen a guy so well put together but still unique.  He was popular but allowed himself to let loose.  He danced “coolly”.  He was the “it” boy.  Normally, I would have let this experience pass me.  I would go on with my life and not do anything.  But because of H and S and their support for me to get what I want out life, I decided to talk to him.  I told him I liked his style from head to toe, I just felt like I “had” to let him know that.  He was very receptive and nice and introduced himself.  I felt like a billionaire.  I texted H to let him know and he said “And…” I knew that I wasn’t finished.  I knew I had to get this guy’s number.  I had to wait until he was alone.  And,  I got it!  I felt like a billionare.  At that point, I loved everyone, I loved my life.  The weekend was a result of an orchestra that perfectly peformed a symphony.


One Response to “A week to blog about”

  1. Henry Phan Says:

    Dude, kudos to that. Feels awesome doesn’t it? Follow through and give him a call, you never know.

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